School Council

Greystone Primary's School Council was launched in February 2014 with an election for children in P.4 - 7.  Candidates from these classes presented their manifestos and 2 elected representatives from each class attended regular meetings on Wednesday lunchtimes in Room 13 with Mrs. Milligan and Mrs. Beckett.

The School Council attended an Anti-bullying Ambassadors training day, funded by the Diana Award and held at Antrim Grammar School in March.  They have also been able to purchase some playground signs and equipment by raffling a teddy, kindly donated and made by Mrs. Armstrong, during the performances of Panto Pandemonium in April.  

Another election will be held and a new council for this academic year will be established soon.

 Greystone School Council Constitution



The School Council has been relaunched this academic year by Mrs. Milligan (P.5) and Mrs Meekin (P.6) with a special assembly and an election day.

Those children elected are displayed on the noticeboard outside Miss Graham's office.

Regular meetings take place on Thursday lunchtimes in the school library and are chaired by Katie (P.7).  Each class brings their ideas forward through a suggestion box in each classroom and we look forward to making some of these ideas a reality during the year.  Keep watching the noticeboard for details!