Shared Education


In Greystone PS, we are fortunate enough to be within walking distance of our Shared Education partner, St Joseph's PS.


The 2018-19 year is the third year during which every year group will work with our partner school at some stage for a number of lessons, and we are excited to improve on the quality of these interactions as the years progress.



The activities we undertake are often of an extremely practical nature, and we are always on the lookout for parent volunteers to help out... if you feel that this could be you, please do not hesitate to let your child's class teacher know!


We hope that you will find this page informative, and that you will continue to check for updates on each year group's activities.


Thanks for stopping by!


Primary 1


Some nautical fun in the Summer term for our littlest pupils.

Primary 2


After Easter, pupils go on safari with their theme.

Primary 3


Primary 3 enjoyed their 'Celebrations' with St Joseph's in the lead up to Christmas. Please complete the following evaluation.


Primary 4


Primary 4, please let us know how you feel about your WWII theme by filling in the evaluation here.

Primary 5


Now that we have come to the end of our theme, please let us know how you felt about your theme by clicking here.

Primary 6


Primary 6 have enjoyed working on the 'Unsinkable' theme alongside St Joseph's PS. Now that we have had our final shared session, share your thoughts on this by clicking here to fill in the evaluation.

Primary 7

 Primary 7 can evaluate their shared sessions by clicking here.