Welcome to Primary 5! 



Here you will find some information on what we have been getting up to!

Our teacher is Mr Grimason and our assistant is  Miss Minford!

This term is a very busy one, focusing heavily on our Cinderella & Rockerfella performance! Performances will take place on Tuesday 12th February at 9.30am and again at 7.00pm, followed by our finale on Wednesday 13th February at 9.30am.  



In numeracy we have been focusing on data handling, looking at tally charts and bar graphs. We worked together as a class to collect data on various ways we get to school- including, walking,car,bicycle and other modes of transport.

Our next topic will be looking at compass and direction. This gives us all a chance to get outside and use our 8 points of the compass to give and take directions to find hidden treasure! 

We have also been encouraging children to complete Mathletics each night- to consolidate what we have been learning in class!



Literacy has been all about being bossy! Using bossy verbs, we have been writing instructions for various things- including how to make our favourite sandwich and how to build an electric circuit (cross curricular with our shared education). 

To keep on the theme of Technology Over Time we have been reading David Walliams- The Ice Monster. A fantastic book set in Victorian London. This is the story of a ten-year-old orphan and a 10,000-year-old mammoth...

We also encourage children to use Accelerated Reader in school and at home. This allows children to complete a quick quiz on the book that they've just read! A great way to test your knowledge!


World Around Us

We have been working alongside St Joseph’s Primary for our Shared Education topic- Technology Over Time

So far we have covered:

  • Ice breakers and getting to know one another.
  • Old and new household items including electricity.
  • Olden day games.
  • Old and new ways of communicating.
  • Transport.
  • Trip to W5 and Pizza Hut (26th Feb).


Change your mindset!

We have been working hard throughout the year to have a positive mindset in all areas of the curriculum.  Our display in class helps us choose different phrases or words when we feel like we can't overcome a challenge! Stay positive- DON'T GIVE UP!