Hello Everyone!

Welcome to our class page.  We hope you enjoy looking at the pictures and finding out about what we are getting up to in our class.  Our class teacher is Mrs Parker and our classroom assistants are Mrs Lavery and Mrs Fleck.


Things to remember in Primary 4


PE - Wednesday and Thursday are PE days so bring your kit - white t-shirt, navy or black shorts/tracksuit bottoms and trainers/plimsolls.




Spellings, tables, reading and spelling activity

Tuesday Spellings, tables, reading and maths activity
Wednesday Spellings, tables, reading and literacy/WAU activity
Thursday Spellings, tables, reading and numeracy/WAU activity

No Homework

 We also use Accelerated Reader and Mathletics



Friday Boogie - Get your groove on every Friday afternoon


Primary 4 Topics

Mini-beasts, Winter, World War II, Space/Food



Growth Mindset in Primary 4

We are developing a growth mindset approach to learning.  It is a challenge but we are ready for it!



We enjoy using ICT to enhance our learning and below are some of the programs we use regularly.  Follow the links below to access these resources. 


Accelerated Reader: https://ukhosted56.renlearn.co.uk/2235359

Mathletics: www.mathletics.com

Topmarks: www.topmarks.co.uk

Galactic Phonics: www.galacticphonics.co.uk

Homework Help: www.primaryhomeworkhelp.co.uk





Our Winter Topic was fun!  Mrs Parker set us a challenge - she told us we had to build an igloo using plastic cups.  It wasn’t as easy as you might think!  We had a lot of thinking and discussing to do with our partner.  Have a look at some of the pictures below to see how well we worked.


Our Task




Some of our finished igloos


Our Winter topic was great.  We learned about the Arctic and Antarctic, the similarities and differences between them, the animals that live in both places and the climate in both places.  It was a great topic and we learned so much.



World War II Topic

Our topic for term 2 is World War II.  We are learning about reasons why WWII occurred, countries involved, evacuees, rationing, Belfast Blitz, make do and mend, women in WWII and Anne Frank.  It's a busy term!



Our Trip to NI War Museum   

We visited the NI War Museum to learn about WWII from pictures, artefacts and videos.  As you can see from our pictures we had a great day!










Mini-Me Yoga

This term we are thrilled to be learning and practicing Mini-Me Yoga with Siobhan.  We have learned lots of poses including:

The Tree

The Sun

The Mountain

The Warrior


We love it!