Shared Education


In Greystone PS, we are fortunate enough to be within walking distance of our Shared Education partner, St Joseph's PS.


In the 2016-17 year, each year group, from P1-P7, participated in shared learning activities. This built upon the success of our shared education projects in P1, P4 and P6 in 2015-16. The schools have a long history of working together, and we are building upon this each year. Shared lessons have given pupils the opportunity to make new friends from within their local community, as well as giving teachers the opportunity to team-teach.


The 2017-18 year will be the second year during which every year group will work with our partner school at some stage for a number of lessons, and we are excited to improve on the quality of these interactions as the years progress.


These activities are often of an extremely practical nature, and we are always on the lookout for parent volunteers to help out... if you feel that this could be you, please do not hesitate to let your child's class teacher know!


We hope that you will find this page informative, and that you will continue to check for regular updates on each year group's activities.


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Primary 1


Some nautical fun ahead in the Summer term - watch this space!

Primary 2


After Easter, pupils will go on safari with their theme.

Primary 3


Primary 3 will begin their 'Celebrations' topic with their new friends in St Joseph's in the lead up to Christmas. 


Primary 4


Primary 4 will examine the past as they investigate World War II in the Spring term.

Primary 5


Robots and all things electrical will be a hot topic after Christmas in P5!

Primary 6


Primary 6 have been participating in their shared topic, 'Unsinkable' in Term 1. Having reached the end of our planned activities (with the exception of our celebration event!), we would love to hear pupils' views. Please let us know your thoughts by completing the survey here.

Thank you P6 pupils!

Primary 7

 Primary 7 will have some fun participating in tembuilding activities at Bushmills in October - great preparation for their sporting diversity theme in the Summer!