Hello everyone! Welcome to our Primary Seven page where you will get a flavour of what we get up to in school!


Our teacher is Mr Wilson and our two wonderful assistants are Ms Dunlop and Mrs Lavery. Our class is pretty cool - we have the exact same amount of boys and girls which makes it really easy to do things in groups!

We've been very busy this year - let us show you some of the things we've done! 



What a trip! We absolutely loved it even though we went in February and it rained, rained, snowed, rained some more as well as having a hail shower! Some people conquered their fears, others realised that they are better than they think they are while everyone managed to stay away for the entire time! An achievement in itself!!!


Take a look at some of our photos below if you don't believe us!


Party Professor


We were so lucky to have the Party Professor in to class to show us some cool and amazing science tricks. We got the chance to watch some experiments, do some for ourselves and find out more about materials!




Eugene taught us how to play cricket after Christmas. He is a great teacher and we had lots of fun learning a new skill! Thank you Eugene for all of your help - we loved playing cricket!


School Play


Everyone in our class got the chance to take part in the school play. We had to learn our words, listen to instructions and perform with confidence during our performances. It was such good fun to do it with all of our friends in class and with those in P5 and P6. Thank you everyone who helped us along the way!