Welcome to Primary 2


Our teacher is Mrs McKay and our classroom assistant is Miss Thorne.


We love learning in P2!  We work really hard...most of the time!
We love learning in P2! We work really hard...most of the time!

Joe the Gathering Drum came to teach us how to play the drums.  It was great fun and really noisy! 

We got new bikes in Primary 2.  We can practise our balancing when they are balance bikes and practise our speed and control when they're turned in to scooters.

We have been making the most of the good weather and playing outside as much as possible.  Some children built a tent to shelter from the sun!  Being outside has been a great opportunity to learn about life cycles.  We've noticed how the trees and plants have changed and the seeds we planted in the garden centre have grown.  We've been researching what we were like as babies and have had fun looking after the babies in the nursery corner.   Louis the lamb came to visit and Gill Farmer told us all about a sheep's life.  She told us about shearing the sheep in the summer so we had a go shearing our balloon sheep.  It was such a mess but great fun!  We've also thought about the life cycle of a frog and a hen and some people have managed to see real frogspawn when they're out for walks   We built a nest and a mysterious egg appeared...we have lots of ideas about where it came from!

We've been looking at The Farm.  We thought a lot about a dairy farm and what it gives us.  We know that we get milk from cows but milk in used in lots of other things!  We made our own butter and it was delicious! Some of us tried the butter milk too.


 This term we've been looking at The Farm as our topic.  We read The Little Red Hen and made puppets so we could act it in our theatre.  The Little Red Hen had to do all the work to make bread by herself.  We agree that it's better when we all work together.  We had very messy play when we explored what flour was like.  We added water to it so it felt like dough.  We also made jam sandwiches.  Yum!


Every Wednesday we have 'Welly Day'.  This is where we play outside, no matter the weather.  We can get wet and muddy if we want to and can explore lots of different textures and really use our imagination.  We've been working at the car wash and playing with different vechiles when we studied Transport.  Then we learned all about dinosaurs and made outdoor habitats for them.  Some people also made carnivore and herbivore meals.  At the minute we're planting flowers and crops, just like real farmers!